pH Check, or Periodic Health CheckUp, is a regular survey to determine the various categorical checkpoints of your church's health. Ask Mary Hendrickson, Director of Missional Vitality, how you can use ph Check to determine the health of your church today!

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Church Health Categories

Your church will be scored in three categories–Missional Identity, Vision and Leadership. Based on our research, churches that are healthy have a strong sense of who they are in Christ and an awareness and commitment to His mission, have a clear and compelling vision, and are led by leaders who reflect the character of Christ.


Each score is given a descriptor that reflects strengths or challenges. A higher score indicates healthy practices. Lower scores encourage leaders to strengthen that aspect of the church’s ministry.

  • Excelling


    Top score possible.

  • Thriving


    Area of strength for the church.

  • Sustaining


    Maintaining though not growing in this area.

  • Struggling


    Perhaps a needed area of growth for the church.

  • Challenged


    Weakness in this area is likely affecting the church’s ministry effectiveness.

Considerations and Resources

On each report page you will find a list of discussion questions for your church leadership. These questions will help you to begin to grow in each area.

Also on each report page you will find links to denominational resources that can be used to strengthen each area scored. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the page on the denominational website that will give you more information.

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